Mobile first, advanced analytics, decision tree based online learning and consensus building.

Mobile First: if it doesn't work on a phone, it doesn't work. 

Advanced Analytics:  When it comes to consensus building, measuring learning or simply understanding yourself, analytics are crucial.  Every click we create in our online experiences is a decision for the user.  We identify important decisions and use Google Analytics to track them. 

We measure learning, create a safe space for opinions and identify consensus points. All with beautiful detailed reporting.

The more complex the idea, the deeper we must dive into its' nuances. The deeper we dive the more we reveal important information.  

Decision Trees:  One simple way to describe this mechanism is "choose your own adventure."  Our online experiences branch, validate the users' choices, and reveal more information.

Consensus Building:  It is very easy to polarize a group. Just ask a simplistic question to a complex problem and you'll polarize a people.  Now, imagine you can drill down into the details as people click or tap their way through a presentation containing text, graphics and video.  

Consensus can always be found in the gray area.  We identify that magic gray area. Analytics.